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About Me:After High School in 1965,Went into the service 82nd Airborne in Ft Brag.NC,Then to 173rd Airborne in An Khe,Vietnam. supp batt Casper Platoon,Tet Offensive 67.68 After coming home, married the wrong woman.Hell on earth for 18 years.Had two kids Kevin and Melissa,which I don’t regret.Adopted a Vietnamese boy,Matthew.They were killing the dark kids, so I decided to save at least one.He had many problems such as,bullet holes in legs, busted eardrum,bad teeth.It took quite awhile for him to come along.Catholic Services lied and told us he was in excellent health.We started sending him to day care to play with other kids.He was caught lighting matches and throwing them in babies crib.Immediately called Catholic Services to come get him.He was a danger to himself and other kids.He was adopted out to a nice elderly Black lady..Never heard from him again.We think about him everyday and wonder what he grew up to be.After divorcing my Wife,I got an apt in West Springfield,Mass where I found my soulmate in 1987.We were married and still together.This is Matthew


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